New Collection- Beyond Skins

“The first person singular – that little devil called me – is not first, nor a person, nor singular.”  (James Hilliman)


"Beyond skins” is the search for the beauty beyond the ugliness of our physical, human and singular me, towards the beauty of our essence, escaping from what horrifies us while our skin is constraining us. It´s a way of leaving our skin, our “I”, towards a new plural awareness.  


Our skin symbolizes our colours, beliefs and flags; differences that make us feel the hatred and distance between us. However, we are much more than all this. Despite all negative, unfair and absolutely rejectable behaviour, we are still inside something of an extraordinary value, discovering that we are not only a singular entity covered up with tags.


This implies a liberation into a higher lever, in which everything is just one single existence. Being stripped down of our skin we were born with behind, ceasing to be different to become what we really are, something beautiful and unique: the first-person plural.

Jordi Machí

Bound - 100x81cm
Boy´s big head - 100x81cm
Broken garden - 130x97cm
Her legs - 100x81cm
His legs - 100x81cm
Headphones hand - 27x22cm
Usb hand - 27x22cm
Peg hand - 27x22cm
Linked - 146x110cm
Linked 2
Spine - 130x130cm
Release 1 - 40x50cm
Release 2 - 40x50cm
The deep - 146x110cm
Unattributed - 40x50cm
Woman in orange - 40x50 cm