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Trace of Time

147x660 cm

Machi invites us on a journey to the source of all the times with his triptych "Trace of time" that comes to be part of an important collection of art in Lebanon. Based on Mark Ryden, american surrealist painter who plays sublimely between sweet and macabre in his paintings. "Trace of time" arises from a Sumerian tablets found in the XIX century, recently translated, reviving the theory of Panspermia or Ancient Astronauts theory . These tablets, considered the oldest cuneiform writings, tell us a fascinating story; Instead of gods, It talks about "those who came from the stars" bringing us knowledge and civilization modifying genetically the existing hominids and giving birth to homosapien. Are the aliens our fathers? This tryptic, full symbols and iconography, is a tour of this beautiful forgotten story that join mythology and religions to explain the origin of intelligent life . The pastel colors and innocent beauty wrapped in a subtly disturbing eerie atmosphere.

Jordi Machi.

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